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Ragged Text Flow Test Page

When Great Lakes Rubber and Hydraulics was still operating, I maintained the website. I created and image that had the outline of fitting filled in with image from three industries that we served. I used a method that I learned in a book by Eric Meyer (sorry, can't find it and can't remember the name) to flow the text around the image. The technique is detailed at his website.

Recently I noticed that many websites are trending away from rectangular headers. But the curves or angles they incorporate are small, and the text does not flow around them. I decided to play around with flowing text around images, starting with the diagonal flow seen at the top of the pages on this site. I poked around a little, but I didn't see any less fussy ways of accomplishing a ragged text flow. Most of the instances of ragged text flow that I have seen have only flowed around an image on one side of the page. I decided to try to do both sides of the screen.

FWIW, There were some issues on the right hand side. I have not thoroughly tested this. However I belive that when the you float two sliced images in the same div, one on the left and one on the right, the image slices on both sides must be the same height. On cases where my slicing wasn't perfect, I used a negative margin to line them up. When the bottom of the text and the bottom of the image happened to be the same, the text would display on top of the image. The text size and the slice height need to be such that these numbers are not the same. I selected my text size before I started slicing my image. in this example I selected 1em for the text and 19px for the slicing height.

One problem with this approach is that it isn't very responsive. Since each of the sliced images is a different percentage of the container, you can't use width: nn%; height: auto; I have written a little bit of javascript to assign a width based on a percentage of the original size of the image. The images resize at the standard bootstrap breakpoints. In these examples I do not resize the tuilips image. On a site where the point of the content is something other than flowing text around images, I would probably either eliminate the images on small screens, or, stacke them. The easiest would be to stack the image above the text.

Bacon Ipsum

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Cat Ipsum

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Tuna Ipsom

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Chuck Norris Ipsum

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