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Are you looking for Great Lakes Rubber?

We are no longer selling industrial supplies or doing business as Great Lakes Rubber & Hydraulics Company Inc. We want to thank our many customers for supporting us all these years

All of our remaining merchandise was sold to Carper Farm Supply in Ashley, Indiana. They are the largest agricultural dealer in Stueben county, and they have expanded their industrial supply offering to include many of the products we used to sell. They also are using our old 800 number: 800-348-3648. Please visit their website, or give them a call and talk to Eric or Brad. Tell 'em Kurt sent you.

Welcome to glrh, llc

Great Lakes Rubber and Hydraulics is no longer doing business. GLRH, LLC was formed to handle the management of the building at 220 East Wallace in Fort Wayne, IN. Please call Bradley Company at (260)423-4311 for any purchase or leasing questions.

The purpose of this site is twofold. First to direct Great Lakes Rubber customers to Carper Farm Supply. Secondly to explore a content management system called MODX.

I have been fortunate to have worked with BB Design as a freelance website coder on several projects in the last several years. (Don't worry they didn't design this site--I know its really ugly. Their sites look great!) Some of the ones I've had the opportunity to work on are: Ambulance Billing Services, Elder's Country Store and Market, Jerry M Frese, Christian Fellowship of Goshen, and Our Lady Mother of Mercy at Historic Kneipp Springs

One of these projects was developed on MODX, and I was very impressed. So impressed that I am using this site to become familiar with all its features and capabilities.